Test on Android Tablet


I was very worried that calling in Google Images and YouTube videos would be blocked on mobile devices for security reasons or whatever, but turns out there’s no such thing. I emailed my APK to Vern and she very helpfully installed it on her tablet. There is a slight resolution issue, which is weird because I though Android tablets were 800px wide, but it’s close enough for a test. Here are a couple screenshots taken directly from her tablet:

New Artistic Direction

I have been working on a new artistic direction that would give The Novus Textbook some real character. It may seem odd at first, but I want you to look at it for a while and imagine how cool it could be! I was thinking Bioshock, vintage, textured, experimental, and adventurous. Take a look:

Programming Complete

It’s been a long time since the last blog update, but there really hasn’t been much of note aside from standard progress and programming.

It’s not 100% complete scripting, but all major features have been implemented and are functional. Of the features I have created are:

  • Content boxes that call in videos from YouTube and images from Google Images based on a keyword
  • Structuring of pages through an external XML file
  • Changing chapters and pages from section to section based on the XML file
  • Questions sourced from the XML integrated into pages that give points and track progress
  • Achievements being earned and saved to local storage
  • Dropdown chapter information sourced from the XML
  • and of course functional navigation throughout the application

Only minor scripting remains and a couple features which should not be a problem:

  • Time trial quizzes that become available after completing a chapter and add to your progress
  • Local storage and online hosting of the XML file which updates if it doesn’t match

Although those features are important, they aren’t crucial to the functionality of the overall application. Now for the last difficult step, to update the graphics and aesthetic to give it some real personality and appeal. I don’t like the formality and boringness of the current look. I will be giving it a lot of character, what might seem uncharacteristic of a textbook, but what I think will make it more appealing to the user.