Here are a list of people who inspired me the most.

Ken Robinson – An education specialist with a background in the arts
This man is my idol when it comes to educational reformations. He guides schools and governments on how to change their educational methods to fit the purposes and environment of the 21st century.

John Hattie – Education analyst
These videos are a talk about John Hattie’s long term analysis of education, and what I found most important, what actually effects student performance. Findings such as how the teacher’s knowledge of the subject has little influence on the student’s performance in it is a shocking, but useful discovery.

Neil deGrasse Tyson – Scientist who knows how to communicate to normal people
An astrophysicist and educator, Neil deGrasse Tyson is a credit to humankind. He is the new Carl Sagan, teaching complex topics and understandings about our universe in a way that everyone can understand, with a passion like no other I might add.

Bill Nye The Science Guy – Scientist who has a strong passion in education
The scientist I grew up watching on TV, Bill Nye was the only one who got me interested in science when I was young. His teaching methods managed to communicate scientific concepts to a child and that is very difficult to do. Understanding his delivery style can help me in my project on how to communicate information to high school students too.

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