MMDP Begins and Refinement of Visuals

As the first week of the new semester begins, a big focus has been put on finalising the visual design and layout of the interactive textbook. Although I think that minor changes will be made as the project development goes into full swing, I can at least bring the designs close to what they should be and to look half decent.

After presenting this in class, it became apparent that the content page was just not up to scratch. Overall, the other pages were basically okay, and could be tweaked as the functionality was implemented, but the actual content page looked horrendous. So here is a change in layout that seems more acceptable, and as with the other pages, can be slightly fixed as needs come and go.

Click this image to see the full view.

As you can see, I changed it from a 2 column layout to a single one as to make the text bigger and to keep clutter to a minimum. Dynamic loading of 3rd party content is also more specified. What was pointed out during the presentation was that if I want to have content loaded in dynamically, I need to have fixed positions of specific dimensions that can easily load in the element and have it fit seamlessly with the layout regardless of what it is.

These layouts are finalised for now, but again, I expect them to be somewhat improved as functionality and user testing comes into play.

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